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In Madison Wisconsin Violence erupted outside of the state capitol on Tuesday night as protesters smashed windows, tore down two statues and attacked a state senator. Protests went from “peaceful” to violent early Tuesday in Madison after, Devonere Johnson, a black man was arrested for bringing a baseball bat and megaphone into a Capitol Square...

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A week after the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Governor Evers had overstepped his authority with his safer at home order, Evers announced he would not be pursuing any more coronavirus restrictions. The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a ruling last week that Governor Evers could not extend the stay at home order that was originally...

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A youth travel organization based out of Appleton Wisconsin was holding practice when they were told to disperse despite adhering to social distancing because of Governor Evers’ safer at home order Police received multiple 911 calls about a group of kids playing baseball out on a practice field in Appleton Wisconsin. Police arrived at the...

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