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In Richmond Virginia protesters prevented firefighters from responding to a fire in a home where a child was trapped inside early Sunday morning. Early Sunday morning protesters set a home on fire and then prevented firefighters from immediately responding to the fire where a child was trapped. Firefighters eventually got into the home and were...

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A massive explosion at a commercial smoke shop in Los Angeles leaves multiple firefighters seriously injured Shortly after 6:30 pm on Saturday evening at a smoke shop located near Boyd and San Pedro Streets a fire broke out. When firefighters first arrived the building had moderate smoke, but it started to escalate when firefighter entered...

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As coronavirus cases continue to rise in the United States, many firefighters across the nation are feeling the impact as they continue to fight the virus on a daily basis On Thursday morning the International Association of Firefighters released numbers that show the dramatic impact the virus is having on firefighters in the United States...

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As first responders continue to put themselves in harms way serving their communities, a 33 year old firefighter from New Jersey passed away on Tuesday from complications from the coronavirus Israel Tolentino was a firefighter with the Passaic Fire Department in New Jersey. He joined the Passaic Fire Department a little more than a year...

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One firefighter in Pitt County is a hero to a few children whose day was made brighter by Firefighter David Smith Due to the coronavirus Grace and Collin’s birthday party was cancelled, but their day was made special by an unexpected visit from a fireman. David Smith claims he is not a hero, but to...

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