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The Trump economy is giving the greatest benefits to those who have been at the bottom, according to new data from the Council of Economic Advisers. Data released by the CEA shows that over 11 quarters from the end of 2016 through the first half of 2019, the net wealth of the top 1 percent of American households rose 13 percent. However, that rise is dwarfed by the 47 percent increase seen by the bottom 50 percent of America’s households over that same period. President Trump’s critics can’t deny that the economy is doing well, so instead they insist all...

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the best of the internet The MSM has one job... That job is to tell you what you think. But, sometimes, We The People can make more noise, and in the case of Jeffery Epstein, We The People did just that. You have all seen them, but, in case you haven't, here are some of the best memes the internet has to offer on the subject. Ready to rock the holidays? Our latest and greatest design is HERE! Oh yeah, and Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself... CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW! you got some? Share them with us on facebook!...

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The meeting came as a result of a Twitter exchange earlier in the month, when Milano asked where the Bible said gun ownership was a “god-given right.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) schooled leftist actress Alyssa Milano on Tuesday during a gun control debate, arguing that America should do more to combat gun violence but without infringing upon Americans’ right to bear arms.Milano opened up the debate, explaining that she is “terrified” because she does not know how to keep her family safe from gun violence. Milano said that despite their disagreement on the issue, she believes that with “mutual respect...

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April Ryan, Contributor for CNN, implies President Trump's "reported" but not verified interest in nuking hurricanes has a racist motive behind it because Africa is "where there are mostly black people." In a panel Monday morning on CNN, Ryan said the president has called Africa a "shithole nation" in the past and wondered if Trump is interested in the continent because "mostly black people" live there."We’re tongue and cheeking this, but this is the President of the United States saying something about that. And he brought in Africa. As Angela…as we were talking during break, he’s called Africa a shit...

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According to officials the child's mother said the boy was eating when he suddenly stopped breathing.Officer Stacey McIssac noticed a one-year-old child choking on his food. She sprung into action and quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver on the child, clearing his airway. “This life-saving action illustrates how quickly our officers and agents respond when they see something not quite right,” said Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Rodolfo Karisch in a released statement.  “Her actions embody the character of our men and women serving our front line.”Thanks to Stacey,  a child's life was saved on this day.Stacey is a 5 year veteran...

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