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A cadet training with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department to become a jail deputy passed away late Tuesday after he collapsed during a training exercise Tuesday morning. Koichi John Nishimura was training to become a jail deputy when he collapsed during a training exercise on Tuesday morning and later died. Nishimura was rushed to...

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An off duty Orange County Deputy shot a man who attempted to break into her home utilizing an axe. On February 25th at approximately 5:30 pm police received reports of a man attempting to break into multiple homes in Rolling Oaks. Prior to the police arriving on the scene Steven Thayer armed with an axe...

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Former law enforcement officers Ray Dietrich & Randy Sutton break down Law Enforcement Issues of the day and go after leftist cop haters on a weekly podcast. This weeks episode covered: 1:05 The latest in the absurdity of Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary States. The Trump administration is fighting back with DHS and ICE and is...

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