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Before you start to get excited about the concept of universal health insurance under Medicare for all, you might want to check the facts and get informed. Supporters of Medicare for All, the huge, single-payer government health plan backed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and several other Democratic presidential candidates, say it’s time to think...

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About two dozen boulders now sit along a half-block stretch of sidewalk on Clinton Park, a residential side street near Market and Dolores streets in San Francisco. The boulders are meant as barriers to keep homeless people from camping out.  "Since the rocks, it has helped," said neighbor Ernesto Jerez. A band of San Francisco residents have taken matters into their own hands when it comes to the city’s growing homeless crisis — setting up boulders on their street to deter vagrants from setting up a shantytown. Residents of the Mission Dolores neighborhood recently chipped in to buy the roughly two...

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The Iowa community college professor, Jeff Klinzman, came under fire after saying "I am Antifa" has resigned after the college made the "decision to remove" him from the classroom.Kirkwood Community College President Lori Sundberg released a statement Friday saying that the college accepted Jeff Klinzman’s resignation, according to a press release. However, Sundberg went on to reference the college's "decision to remove Mr. Klinzman from the classroom," suggesting that Klinzman's resignation was not voluntary. On Thursday, Klinzman admitted to a local media outlet (KCRG) that he is active with Antifa. According to the local media report, Klinzman expressed his desire to engage...

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Sanders understands that many Americans view the term “socialist” as a “slur” and sought the opportunity to clear up some of the myths and allow us to see how great socialism really can be despite it never working anywhere, EVER.“In 1944, FDR proposed an economic bill of rights but died a year later and was never able to fulfill that vision.” Sanders then presented himself as a modern-day FDR and said he hopes to complete the work which FDR began.Bernie's 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights is nearly verbatim from Stalin's 1936 Soviet Constitution. A Bill of Rights that establishes once and for all...

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