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Virginia Democrats are proposing that anyone who assaults a member of law enforcement only be charged with a misdemeanor as opposed to a class 6 felony. Currently under Virginia law the assault of a member of law enforcement is a class 6 felony which carries a minimum sentence of 6 month in jail. Democrats are...

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A recent poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that nearly 40 percent of voters believe that Joe Biden suffers from dementia. It’s no secret that Joe Biden tends to forget where he is or makes comments that question is mental acuity and apparently voters have concerns about his ability to be president. 38 percent of voters...

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“The left has gotten so bad that vegan, avocado toast eating lesbians have left the Left. TRUMP 2020”– Vegan, Avocado Toast Eating Lesbians #DefendPolice shirts $15

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“Hi friends. I’m usually either too busy or too lazy to make this kind of quick video response but today something happened and I thought it’s actually important enough that I get in front of my camera and make a short video to explain something short enough for me to post on Twitter. I was...

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“Are you one of those people who’s raging against Trump? You know, the protests in America and all that. Are you one of those who’s acting like Trump is the devil himself? If you are, you’re a fucking moron or you’re a fucking crook. Because let’s look at some realities here… the reality is in...

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