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Sheriffs throughout nine counties in Texas have stated that they will not enforce Governor Abbott’s unconstitutional mask mandate that was issued last week. On Thursday Governor Abbott mandated masks be worn in public unless an individual has a disability that prevents them from doing so. The other exceptions to the order include individuals who are...

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Residents of Brook County Texas who have tested positive for the coronavirus and refuse to self isolate could face possible jail time. The Brooks County Office of Emergency Management put a post out on social media over the weekend informing residents that failure to self isolate if infected with the coronavirus could result in being...

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As violence broke out across New York City over the holiday weekend, one of the murders was captured on video as a man crossed the street holding his 6 year old daughter’s hand. On Sunday afternoon in the Bronx Anthony Robinson was killed as a passenger in a dark sedan stuck a gun out the...

The post (VIDEO) Father Walking His 6 Year Old Daughter, Shot Dead In De Blasio’s Crime Ridden NYC appeared first on America's Keepers.

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Mayor DeBlasio refuses to take responsibility for the increase in crime in New York City over the weekend and instead named the coronavirus as the culprit. In New York City over the holiday weekend more than 44 people were shot and at least 8 people were killed. The city has seen a drastic increase in...

The post De Blasio Blames COVID For Increased Violence In NYC (44 Shot, 8 Killed) appeared first on America's Keepers.

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The Nashville Mayor shutdown July 4 celebrations over concerns about the coronavirus, but allowed Black Lives Matter protesters to gather to protest against America. The Mayor of Nashville ordered bars and restaurants shut their doors after an increase of coronavirus cases and cancelled the July 4th event planned for the holiday weekend. However Black Lives...

The post Nashville Mayor Cancelled 4th Of July Celebrations, Allowed Black Lives Matter Protest appeared first on America's Keepers.

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