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As the Trump Administration continues to crack down on immigration, the public charge rule went into effect last week across the country The public charge rule was finalized last summer and was suppose to go into effect in October , but was delayed due to numerous lawsuits surrounding the rule. However the Supreme Court stepped...

The post Trump Admin’ to Refuse Green Cards to Those Who Abuse Welfare Programs appeared first on America's Keepers.

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El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents stop two convicted sex offenders from re-entering the United States over the weekend.The first, Oscar Rodriguez-Espinoza, a 52-year-old Mexican national, was arrested Friday afternoon approximately 22 miles west of the Calexico West Downtown Port of Entry, according to a news release by Border Patrol. A record check reveal the suspect was Oscar Rodriguez-Espinoza, a 52-year-old Mexican national.  In 2003 a jury convicted him of lewd and lacivious acts with a child under 14. The same jurors found him guilty of attempted murder.  Rodriguez-Espinoza served 11-years in prison before a judge deported him in September of 2011. He's in federal custody...

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A policy clarification from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service published Wednesday does not revoke automatic citizenship for children of U.S. citizens born abroad, including troops and federal workers, Homeland Security Department officials said Wednesday.Here's the official statement on Twitter from Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services... Here's the statement I promised (1/3):The policy manual update today does not affect who is born a U.S. citizen, period. It only affects children who were born outside the US and were not US citizens. This does NOT impact birthright citizenship.(2/3) The policy update doesn't deny citizenship to the children of...

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