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The meeting came as a result of a Twitter exchange earlier in the month, when Milano asked where the Bible said gun ownership was a “god-given right.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) schooled leftist actress Alyssa Milano on Tuesday during a gun control debate, arguing that America should do more to combat gun violence but without infringing upon Americans’ right to bear arms.Milano opened up the debate, explaining that she is “terrified” because she does not know how to keep her family safe from gun violence. Milano said that despite their disagreement on the issue, she believes that with “mutual respect...

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo said Monday that the name “Fredo” is the n-word for Italians and threatened to toss a man down the stairs for using it, but the CNN host once called himself “Fredo” in a 2010 radio interview. In a January 2010 interview with Curtis Sliwa on AM 970, Cuomo was questioned about his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and his optimism to run for governor of the state as a Democrat.Sliwa said he had nicknamed the family “la Cuomo nostra” in the interview “There is a group of people – politicos – who always hint they might run, but not...

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