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As Colorado amends their coronavirus death count to more accurately reflect those who died from the illness there has been a drastic reduction in the overall deaths Colorado’s Department of Health recently admitted that the death count from the coronavirus included people who had the illness but died of other causes. The state has amended...

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In the midst of chaos from the Coronavirus, one woman shares her story of hope about her experience with the illness. Elizabeth Schneider is 37 years old and lives in Washington State. She contracted the virus several weeks ago at a party that she had attended with friends. “I woke up and I was feeling...

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With the coronavirus being a hot topic it’s no surprise that the Democrats are attempting to use it to their advantage, creating false allegations against the Trump administration. During the Democratic debate on Tuesday night former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg made allegations that a pandemic specialist had been fired at the White House and that...

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The United States has declared a public health emergency over the deadly coronavirus and just yesterday WHO declared the virus a global health emergency. As the virus continues to grow it has infected close to 10,000 people globally and over two hundred people have died. There still remains a lot of unknowns about the virus....

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The Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the city of Wuhan as the death toll continues to rise and there is an increase in reported cases by more than 50%. As of today more than 50 people have died in Wuhan and there’s close to 2,000 reported cases with an additional 2,600 suspected cases there...

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