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Despite Canadians not being able to vote in elections in the United States, it has not stopped young people across college campuses in Canada from helping the Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Young people in Canada have decided to get involved in the Sanders’ campaign by calling and texting United States voters to try and get them...

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Buttigieg Said he will be giving a speech Sunday night in South Bend. After struggling to win votes in Nevada and South Carolina, the openly gay candidate and Mayor from South Bend Indiana, decided that it was too difficult to come up with a path to victory. Now it’s down to Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden,...

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Apparently Crazy Bernie has earned the nickname. Here’s an article he wrote in 1972 with some bizarre takes on sexual fantasies… After reading what Bernie wrote in his ‘Man and Woman’ essay, let us know what you think about it in the comments. Would your reaction be any different if it was Trump who wrote...

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Republicans are ramping up to take control of the House and the Senate with a record number of filings according to the federal candidate and financial activity report. In 2019 781 Republicans filed paperwork to run for the house which is the highest ever recorded in an odd year according to the Federal Election Committee....

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Racist? Misogynist? Tyrant? Condescending? Epstein connection? Be sure to watch the video to see him get enthusiastically called out… “Black and Latinos age 16-25 don’t know how to find jobs, behave in the workplace”– Mike Bloomberg “I could teach anybody, even the people in this room (to farm). You dig a hole, you put a...

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