Successful Police Chief Fired By Power Abusing City Manager

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 23, 2020

A city manager in Demorest Georgia fired a successful and popular police chief after he refused to discipline an officer who had put up a Facebook post criticizing the city

Chief Robin Krockam was appointed Chief of Demorest Police Department in 2016. Prior to that he had worked with Alto Police Department and the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office.

Since being appointed as Police Chief for Demorest the Demorest Police Department has won awards from the Governor of Georgia for being the best small town police department in the state.

The news of Police Chief Robin Krockam being fired came as a huge shock to residents of the town.

According to the Mayor of Demorest, Krockam was fired after he refused the request of city manager, Kim Simonds, to discipline an officer who had put up a post on Facebook criticizing the city.

“When did the citizens of Demorest vote to get new trash cans? Guess we better start watching our water bills and start looking for the maintenance fee that will most likely be tacked on to it to reimburse the $7,000 they spent on those trash cans.”
– Facebook Post From Demorest Officer

City Manager, Simonds ordered Chief Krockam to write up the officer and put a discipline note in his file. Krockam refused stating that case law protected government employees to freedom of speech.

Apparently the mayor was shocked to learn that Chief Krockam was fired over his refusal to obey the request from Simonds

“She told Robin to write him up. Robin stood up for the officer’s constitutional rights.”

“The people need to know that this is the first official act of the dismantling of public safety in the city of Demorest. They took out a shining star.”

“It’s the biggest injustice and the citizens of Demorest should be outraged at the way government is being conducted,” 
– Mayor Rick Austin

After firing Chief Krockam, Simonds immediately rehired the Chief who was top cop prior to him.

Chief Kockam received a termination letter stating that he was fired due to performance issues, but prior to this incident he had no disciplinary issues in his file.

This a perfect example of leadership abusing its power


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