State Police: 500% Increase In Gun Permit Applications In Illinois

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 25, 2020

As violence continues to increase in Chicago and across various cities in Illinois the State Police have reported a 500 percent increase in Firearms Owners ID Cards.

So far in the first two weeks in June, the Illinois State Police has reported that 42,000 residents in the state have applied for Firearms Owners ID Cards which is a 500% increase from June of 2019.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic gun sales have been dramatically on the rise and now as more violence erupts across the country through riots and protests more citizens are looking for ways to protect themselves.

Mark Galvin a gun shop owner in Elgin Illinois has reported that the mandatory 72 hour background check required for first time gun purchases has exceeded a week in some cases as the system becomes overloaded.

A resident in Dixon Illinois has been waiting for his Firearms Owner ID card since March and still does not know when it will arrive. Multiple residents have also reported waiting for months to obtain their FOID card.

As cities make decisions to start defunding their police departments gun sales will continue to rise as people look for a way to protect themselves when calling the police is no longer an option.

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