Southwest Kicks 'Unmasked' 2 Year Old Off Flight

by Zach Heilman on September 14, 2020
A mother and her two year old were escorted off of a Southwest flight when the two year old took off his mask to eat a snack while waiting for the flight to take off.
The mom was on a flight to Chicago from Florida when flight attendants who saw the child was eating repeatedly asked the mother to put his mask back on. The mother assured flight attendants he would be masked when he was done his snack, but that was unacceptable to them.
By the time the manager and supervisor came over to escort the mother and her son off of the plane, the child had been wearing a mask for some time. However they still made them deplane. 
"I knew in that moment that they knew we were doing the right thing and following protocol, but because they already made the other passengers wait, they still asked us to leave," - mother of two year old
Southwest has a policy that anyone over the age of two must wear a mask to fly. However there needs to be some leniency in this policy because trying to get any toddler to keep a mask on can be a challenging task as any parent knows. 
"We believe in face masks. I believe this will help slow the spread of COVID-19. This was totally circumstantial, he was eating, he was 2 years old."- mother of two year old
While Southwest did offer the mother and her son a later flight, she opted to fly back home on American Airlines.
Unfortunately this is not the first instance in which an airline has forced passengers off of a flight due to a young child not keeping their mask on. Airlines need to understand that masking a young child can be a daunting task.



Zach Heilman ❤💏, [13.09.20 13:54]

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