Some Businesses in Arizona Are Opening Their Doors Regardless of Governor’s Orders

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 29, 2020

Multiple businesses in Arizona plan to reopen on Friday regardless of what Governor Ducey announces at the Wednesday press conference

The stay at home order in Arizona is set to end on Thursday night, and many Arizona residents are waiting to hear if the governor will allow the state to start to reopen or if the governor will extend the current order.

Regardless of what Arizona Governor Ducey decides, many businesses in the Valley said they will open their doors on Friday.

“All of us self-employed, we also have to take care of our families. Our bills haven’t stopped. Food still has to go in our children’s mouths,”
– Wendy Acuna, owner of The Beauty Mark in Surprise

Many business owners have been forced to shut their doors for weeks and are struggling to make ends meets. Several business owners have applied for assistance from the government and have not received any.

A Facebook group called, ‘Great 48’ has more than 20,000 members and they are encouraging businesses to open their doors on Friday. In addition they have also planned events for the weekend.

“Saturday is taking back communities and parks – going out and living life. And Sunday is the big ‘rev it up’ event where everyone from all corners of Arizona are going to come upon the capital to march in a peaceful movement,”
– Ryan Ryker Martin leader of ‘Great 48’ Facebook group

Many businesses feel that they are just as essential as any other business and it’s time they are allowed to open their doors so that they can provide for themselves and their families.

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