Sister Of Federal Officer Murdered In Riots Tells Congress Defunding Police Is Ridiculous

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 10, 2020

The sister of Patrick Underwood, a Federal Protective officer who was killed last week, is saying that the movement to defund the police is absurd and not the solution.

Angela Underwood Jacobs lost her brother Patrick Underwood last week when a vehicle pulled up outside of the courthouse where he was stationed firing shots that killed him and injured an other officer.

Angela spoke today at the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on police brutality about the absurdity of defunding the police.

“It is a ridiculous solution to claim that defunding police departments is the solution to police brutality and discrimination because it’s not a solution. It gets us nowhere as a nation and removes the safety net protection that every citizen deserves from their communities elected officials,” 
– Angela Underwood Jacobs

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Jacobs also condemned the violence that has been occurring across the United States against law enforcement.

“When those in a position of authority choose to abuse their power, that is a very definition of oppression. And when innocent people are harmed in the name of justice, no one prevails. We all lose. Police brutality of any kind should not be condoned, however, it is blatantly wrong to create an excuse out of discrimination and disparity to loot and burn our communities, to kill our officers of the law.”
– Angela Underwood Jacobs

After the death of George Floyd as protest and riots have broken out all across the United States many local leaders and activists are threatening to defund the police. Today Jacobs spoke up for why that is not the answer.

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