Seven Elected Democrats Leave Party to Join The Mississippi GOP

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 25, 2020

Eight elected officials in Mississippi who were with either the Democratic Party or Independent Party have moved over to the Republican Party and were welcomed with open arms.

Mississippi GOP headquarters welcomed 8 new members on Monday to their party. All 8 of the new members are from either Smith County or Covington county and a district attorney who covers those areas.

“Over the last two and a half years we have had a relentless focus on switching conservative Democrats over to the Republican party. They recognize increasingly that there is only one party that represents the conservative values of our state and that is the Republican party.”
– Lucian Smith


Governor Tate Reeves is excited to have more individuals joining the Republican Party and acknowledge that a lot of individuals have played roles in making this happen. Currently all statewide offices in Mississippi are held by Republicans

“The Mississippi Republican Party is the Party that is building success for Mississippi by grounding government in the principles of liberty. These men and women on the frontlines of local government understand that and know a brighter future cannot be achieved by less freedom and more government.  I’m pleased to welcome them to the MSGOP and look forward to their continued service to their fellow Mississippians.”
– Governor Tate Reeves

The eight individuals who joined the Republican Party are Matt Sullivan, Guy Easterling, Bobby Wayne Mooney, Cindy Austin, Anthony Grayson, Mary Lou Powell, Danny Arender, and Hulon West.

“Every year, the Democratic Party moves further to the left and away from the values of Mississippians. The Republican Party is the home for conservatives who believe in the principles of limited government and individual freedom. Today, I am excited to welcome more elected officials to our growing Party.”
– Congressman Michael Guest

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