Santa Ana Police: Face Masks Push Robberies Up 50%

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 16, 2020

In Santa Ana there has been a drastic increase in robberies as thieves use the face mask order to their advantage

Santa Ana has seen a 50 percent increase in robberies since the coronavirus lock down. Face coverings have made it easier for criminals to commit crimes because store employees don’t know who is wearing masks to slow the spread and who is wearing one to disguise their face so they can commit a crime.

Elias Khawan a convenience store owner said that his employees are scared and he has been forced to shut his store at 10 pm instead of being open 24 hours a day due to the increase in robberies.

“We’re sitting here not knowing who’s going to walk through that door,”
“It’s horrible. I mean, I know we have to take certain measures because of what’s happening with COVID-19, but it’s the perfect script or manual for a robber — the mask, the sunshade and a hoodie. You don’t know who’s coming, who’s walking in.”
– Elias Khawan

Police are unsure why there has been such a drastic increase in robberies, but think it may have something to do with all the criminals that have been released under the zero bail policy.

“It’s the norm, So we’re seeing more an more suspects wearing the mask and using that to their benefit.”
– Cpl. Anthony Bertagna Santa Ana PD

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