San Francisco Homeless Epidemic Solution: Place Boulders on The Sidewalk

by America's Keepers on September 25, 2019

About two dozen boulders now sit along a half-block stretch of sidewalk on Clinton Park, a residential side street near Market and Dolores streets in San Francisco.

The boulders are meant as barriers to keep homeless people from camping out. 

"Since the rocks, it has helped," said neighbor Ernesto Jerez.

A band of San Francisco residents have taken matters into their own hands when it comes to the city’s growing homeless crisis — setting up boulders on their street to deter vagrants from setting up a shantytown.

Residents of the Mission Dolores neighborhood recently chipped in to buy the roughly two dozen stones that now line the edge of a stretch of sidewalk along Clinton Park

San Francisco has long struggled with problems of human waste and needles on the streets of the Tenderloin district, where many addicts and homeless people are typically found. The city has set up public toilets and last year announced the creation of a special six-person "poop patrol" team to clean up the human waste.

Similar landscaping measures have been implemented in other parts of the city. The California Department of Transportation has put rocks in an open space off Bayshore Boulevard to deter encampments, while the Eureka Valley-Harvey Milk Branch of the San Francisco Public Library – in the same neighborhood – has made design choices that are perceived as anti-homeless.