S. Carolina Gov: State Won’t Enact ‘Unconstitutional’ Mask Order

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 28, 2020

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster will not make wearing masks mandatory because it is unenforceable by the government since it would be a violation of Constitutional Rights.

Finally it appears that there is a governor who understands the constitution. While Governor McMaster is highly encouraging residents of South Carolina to wear masks and practice social distancing he will not order citizens to do so.

“It’s virtually impossible to fashion a statewide rule on masks. These mandates are, in the end, are unenforceable. … It’s not the right policy for government. It’s not what the government needs to do.”
– Governor McMaster

The governor has said that individual cities can make their own rules as long as it goes in accordance with the law.

“The cities do have some authority. It must be strictly limited and according to the law. But they do have authority. Every city is different, and the businesses in those cities are different, the circumstance, the clientele, the people, and if they want to enforce a reasonable, legal limitation, then there is no opposition to that.”
– Governor McMaster

South Carolina has seen a drastic increase in coronavirus cases especially among younger people.

McMaster feels that reopening of the economy is essential to people’s livelihood. However he will continue to have restrictions on nightclubs, concert venues, auditoriums, performing arts centers, and spectator sports to help limit the spread of the coronavirus.

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