Riot Aftermath: Former NYPD Commissioner Says 600 Officers Exiting Department

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 09, 2020

As protest in New York over the death of George Floyd have put a toll on the New York Police Department, hundreds are considering resigning according to former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.

In New York protest went from peaceful to violent relatively quickly and hundreds of officers with the NYPD were injured.

Bernard Kerik and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on her Fox News Show to discuss the situation that was happening in New York.

“You have some in the hospital. But there were over 300, 300 injuries. And the thing that scares me, judge, I’m hearing close to 600 cops have either put in their papers, or they’re talking to the department about resigning or retiring, like this is insane,”
– Bernard Kerik

Throughout the protest officers were attacked as protesters threw various items at the officers, yelled obscenities and set fires throughout the city.

“This action did not have to happen if we had a vaguely competent mayor. This should have been stopped five days ago. I mean, couldn’t they have stopped some of that? We have watched now over and over again people looting, throwing Molotov cocktails, burning cars, and now putting our police in prison, in hospitals, and virtually no major arrests are made,” 
– Former Mayor Giuliani

Mayor De Blasio announced over the weekend his plan to defund the police department and put more money into social services and youth programs.

Due to the lack of leadership and support it’s no surprise that officers are resigning. The NYPD has worked tirelessly throughout the coronavirus pandemic and the George Floyd riots and the reward for their hard work is to remove their funding.

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