Retired Colorado Firefighter Responds to NYC to Volunteer, Dies From COVID-19 Weeks Later

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 03, 2020

A retired firefighter from Colorado who was also known as a skilled paramedic took a 30 day deployment to go to NYC to help out with the coronavirus pandemic only to lose his life to the deadly virus

Paul Cary volunteered for a 30 day deployment to help the city of New York combat the coronavirus as a skilled paramedic. He made the 1800 mile drive from Denver to NYC in late March in an ambulance.

Cary was well respected in the community and always willing to pitch in to help out his friends and colleagues.

Cary arrived in New York just days before the city issued an emergency alert seeking help from licensed healthcare workers. For 3 weeks he worked in New York City transporting coronavirus patients to hospitals.

He had already signed up for an additional 30 day deployment when he started to feel ill. Eleven days after feeling ill, Cary passed away at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.

Mayor DeBlasio issued a statement on Friday that New York was grieving for Cary and would create a memorial for him.

“We have lost someone who came to our aid, to our defense. And there’s something particularly painful when someone does the right thing — a fellow American comes from across the country to try to help the people of New York City, and while working to save lives here, gives his own life. It’s very painful.”
– Mayor DeBlasio

Cary’s family is devastated by the loss

“He risked his own health and safety to protect others and left this world a better place. We are at peace knowing that Paul did what he loved and what he believed in, right up until the very end.”
– Statement from Cary’s family

On Sunday a procession of emergency vehicles and an honor guard will transport Cary’s body from a funeral home in Staten Island to Newark Liberty Airport. The body is being flown back to Denver so that the family can hold a ceremony in his honor.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Paul Carry. He died a hero

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