Protesters Charged With Attempted Kidnapping Of Aurora Police

by Zach Heilman on September 18, 2020
Several ANTIFA-BLM Rioters in Aurora Colorado have been charged with attempted kidnapping and inciting riot for an incident back in July where they barricaded officers inside a precinct.
On July 3 approximately 600 protesters gathered outside of the Aurora Police Department District One station blocking off the exits using various objects.
As a result 19 police officers were trapped inside until about 3 am when the police department's emergency response team was able to get the crowd to disperse.
The rioters gathered to try to force the police department to fire several officers believed to be involved in the death of Elijah McClain who died while in police custody. 
On Thursday six people were charged for the incident. Several of them face attempted kidnapping charges, inciting a riot, obstruction of government operations and false imprisonment.
“We support the First Amendment right of people to protest peacefully in our community but there is a difference between a peaceful protest and a riot. When individuals cross the line and break the law, they will be prosecuted.” 
- District Attorney Dave Young



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by Diane Murphy on September 18, 2020

I am an ex police officer—these men should definitely be tried for the charges above. Groups such as Antiva and BLM are not of this country and should be taken down before they get anymore power. This incident should not be allowed and they should all go to jail. Prosecutors made an oath to protect us and are not living up to it.

by Carrie Ulmer on September 18, 2020

This is getting way out of hand. The problem is that the police are not allowed to perform their dutiesm their to protect people. The rioters think that it is fun to disgrace the police. If the perpetrators that destroy and then need help they call for police. That’s when I would tell them you created the problem now you fix it. All the destruction that is done not only hurts the community but also prohibits people from working and serving their community. They forget that if there is no stores then there is no jobs and no food.