Protest Organizer in San Diego Faces Jail Time for Exercising Her 1st Amendment Right

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 25, 2020

Naomi Soria faces criminal charges after exercising her first amendment right by organizing a protest in downtown San Diego last week against Governor Newsom’s stay at home order

Across the United States the past few weeks more American citizens are exercising their first amendment rights by protesting governors’ stay at home orders.

One woman in San Diego faces criminal charges for organizing a protest and she is not alone. A woman in NJ also faces criminal charges as well.

Naomi Soria who organized the San Diego faces up to 90 days in jail and/or a fine of $1,000

400 people gathered in San Diego last Saturday wearing President Trump attire and waving American flags during what was called a ‘Freedom Rally’ protesting Governor Newsom’s stay at home order.

In an other part of the state, Sacramento officials refuse to issue a permit for a protest planned for May 1. The California Highway Patrol who is in charge of issuing the permit stated that no permits would be issued for any gatherings at state facilities. The announcement comes after a protest on April 20 supposedly defied the governor’s stay at home order.

At this time Governor Newsom has not provided an end date for the stay at home order and many residents in California are getting frustrated. They want to get back to work so that they can provide for themselves and their families.

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