Proof Of Facebook Shadow Banning Conservative Pages

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Proof Of Facebook Shadow Banning Conservative Pages

The war on conservatives continues!

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  • Raymond

    First Of All That’s Our 1st Amendment Were Not Here Am Talking About me posting Threats It’s Opinions Like Assholes Everyone has One , But now I see Another Pathetic Stream Comin Over Twitter FB I’ll go To Instagram Stopping is From Speaking out But Uet U let DEMoRats Just go Off on Bad Issues An Them You’ll Allow Same As Twitter Supending Me Cause I Came Against Ilhan Omar A Semetic Viper And Oh No She Hates America And Jews And Israel Disses Us Americans And She Can Keep Tweeting Ah Cause She Is A DEMoRat Ah? Lawyers Need To get Involved in This What’s The Sense On Even Getting On These BS Platforms When You’ll Want To Díctate What we say And Mean , Not In A Vulgar Direspectful Manner Either So You’ll Go Figure!

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