Popsicle’s and Parades For The Win – Community Policing At It’s Best In PA

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 07, 2020

A mother of four has spent the past several weeks taking her kids to visit local police departments and hang out with the officers.

Tia Maria Staudt believes it is important for her kids to get to know police officers and not be afraid of the men and women in blue. Her four kids have enjoyed visiting various police departments and getting to spend some quality time with the officers, and the officers have enjoyed it as well.

“With everything going on I am just educating them. They generally just sit there and talk, they get to see the cop car enjoy that moment with each other.”
– Tia Maria Staudt

This week Tia along with her four kids, Jayden, Jonyah, Jaymee and Jazmyne paid a visit to the South Heidelberg Police Department bringing popsicles and smiles. The officers were very appreciative of the visit since they had just finished up helping Reading Police with a protest.

“We’re met by this family out of the generosity of their heart, this nice gesture. It is just an act of generosity that shows our officers , that helps them know there is a lot of support from our local community…”
– South Heidelberg Police Chief Leon Grim

The officers decided it was their turn to bring a pleasant surprise. Jonyah’s 4th birthday was on Saturday and the officers surprised him with a parade of police officers, firefighters, his grandparents and siblings.

“It was just a beautiful moment. He is so excited that everybody was here. You can’t judge somebody based on their skin color, you can’t judge somebody by their job title, we gotta judge them by the person that Jesus would look at, that’s what’s inside,” .
– Tia Maria Staudt

In a time where the world seems so divided this serves as a reminder of what can happen when we unite.

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