Politically Motivated Charges Filed Against Texas Police Officer

by Zach Heilman on September 15, 2020

A Texas police officer was indicted on Monday on assault charges for shooting and killing a woman who tasered the officer.

In May 2019 Officer Juan Delacruz shot Pamela Turner at the apartment complex where they both lived. The incident was captured on video.

Delacruz reached down to grab the woman's arm while trying to arrest her. She grabbed the officer's taser and fired it at him. Delacruz then pulled away and fired five gunshots. 

Delacruz's attorney, Greg Cagle, believes the charges are politically motivated. Cagle stated Delacruz was simply protecting himself after Turner had used the taser on him. 

"There's no facts that would justify a criminal charge against the officer. When someone takes a police officer's Taser and then uses it against them, the officer is left with no options other than deadly force. That's how the officers are trained.” 
- Greg Cagle 

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1 comment
by Susan Shelton on September 15, 2020

Since this whole Cluster of Wrongful Shootings… this crap is Rampant!!! When is this All gonna ’Stop! ’ Why & When do the Police Rules & Laws Take Effect !!!! Step-up ! !! Defend !!!!