Police: Remains Of 9 Year Old Girl Found 4 Years Later, Death Penalty Being Sought

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 18, 2020

This past week the remains of Diana Alvarez, a 9 year old girl, who went missing back in 2016 were found by workers in Yeehaw Junction

Diana Alvarez was 9 years old when she was abducted in the middle of the night from her home in San Carlos Park.

Since her disappearance from her home in May of 2016 police and investigators have spent hundred of hours searching for the young girl. Yeehaw Junction was searched twice after the cellphone of a family friend, Jorge Guerrero was pinged there during the time of her disappearance.

This past Thursday workers at Yeehaw Junction discovered the body and the remains were identified as Diana Alvarez through dental records.

“The monster that committed this horrendous crime is behind bars and will now be brought to justice for the murder of Diana Alvarez. This does not bring Diana back, but I hope this helps bring closure to the family.”
– Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno 

Back in 2016 Guerrero admitted to having sexual relations with Alvarez and had made admissions to police that put him with the girl on the morning that she went missing.

About a year later after the disappearance he was found guilty for creating and possessing child pornography and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. A year later he was indicted by a grand jury for first degree murder of Alvarez despite the body not being found.

At the time that the body was found Guerrero was still awaiting trial for the murder and the State Attorney Amira Fox did make an announcement on Saturday that they would be seeking the death penalty.

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