POLICE: Nova Scotia Mass Shooting Leaves at Least 10 People Dead

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 19, 2020

A mass shooting in Nova Scotia that started late Saturday night leaves at least ten people dead including one police officer

The shooting began in Portapique a small Atlantic Coastal town. This is the worse mass shooting in Canada in over 30 years.

The shooter, Gabriel Wortman dressed as a policeman and went on a 12 hour shooting rampage over multiple locations in Nova Scotia. At one point the suspect even disguised a vehicle to make it look like a police cruiser.

The shooting rampage that resulted in a police chase ultimately ended at a gas station in Enfield, Nova Scotia. The Royal Canadian Mountain Police arrested the shooter who later denied. At this time authorities cannot confirm if Wortman was shot by the RCMP

“In excess of 10 people have been killed. We believe it to be one person who is responsible for all the killings and that he alone moved across the northern part of the province and committed what appears to be several homicides.”
– RCMP Chief Superintendent Chris Leather

Officer Heidi Stevenson a 23 year veteran of the force was killed during the rampage and an other officer was injured.

“Heidi answered the call of duty and lost her life while protecting those she served. Two children have lost their mother. And a husband has lost his wife. Parents have lost their daughter and countless others lost an incredible friend and colleague.”
– Lee Bergerman, commanding officer of the RCMP 

Residents reported hearing gunshots and several residents saw burning police vehicles while out driving. The incident has shaken residents of the small town which for the most part is relatively quiet.

“This is just an absolutely wonderful, peaceful quiet community and the idea that this could happen in our community is unbelievable,” 
– Tom Taggart, a lawmaker who represents the Portapique area

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends who have all been impacted by this tragic incident


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