Police Investigate Kentucky Family For Abuse After Not Social Distancing

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 06, 2020

A couple with five young children are being investigated for child abuse for bringing their kids with them into their local bank so they could open an account during the coronavirus pandemic

A couple in Kentucky had recently moved there from New York and needed to open an account. Their five young children were too young to be left alone so they brought them into the bank.

The bank employees chastised the couple for breaking social distancing and said they needed to take the kids out of the bank.

When the bank teller interrogated them as to why they brought five children into the bank, the couple explained that the children were too young to be left alone. In order to open the account both parents needed to be there

The father took the kids while the mother opened the account. The whole time bank tellers were whispering to each other and giving the mother dirty looks. After the mother signed the documents the father came over and signed them as well.

While the couple thought the whole interaction was bizarre they didn’t feel they had really done anything wrong. However apparently the bank tellers considered the situation abusive enough to warrant a call to child protective services.

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The couple were met at home with a state trooper and social worker who were investigating the incident. The mother had to provide proof that her husband was the children’s father. The social worker even made one of their children take off his top so they could take photos. They also took photos of her daughter’s arm

Despite the social worker finding no signs of abuse they are continuing to investigate the family because they home school their children

A simple task of going to the bank turned into a nightmare for these parents.

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