Police: Detroit 911 Dispatcher Has Passed Due to the Chinese Coronavirus

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 24, 2020

A 911 Dispatcher with the Detroit Police Department passed away on Monday from the Coronavirus.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced that a civilian dispatcher who was 38 years old passed away on Monday after traveling to an other state. The employee had traveled out of state and when he arrived back home he reported that he wasn’t feeling well.

On Saturday he was in ICU with what appeared to be bronchitis. On Monday he passed away from the coronavirus. The employee did have preexisting respiratory issues.

“It is not just elderly people who are dying of these disease. It is critical that we respect the social distancing rules.”
– Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

The employee had been with the city for eleven years. He came to the Detroit Police Department after working for the Detroit Department of Transportation

“He was beloved, he was respected by all who worked with him. He’s going to be truly missed.”
– Chief James Craig

Currently there are more than 200 officers who are in self quarantine and eight confirmed cases within the department.

Chief James Craig told his department to not worry about misdemeanors such as writing citations or impounding vehicles that have not been used in a crime. He is hoping by doing this that it could slow down the spread of the coronavirus in the department by reducing interactions with the public.


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