Police Chief Forced Out For Supporting Citizens 2nd Amendment Rights

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 07, 2020

Chief Steven Bukala with the Lowell Police Department in Michigan was forced to resign on Thursday for showing support of four citizens who exercised their second amendment right by arming themselves to defend against looters.

Chief Bakula put up a Facebook post regarding armed citizens who offered their support to help defend against looters. The post resulted in administration telling him he either resign or be terminated.

“So these fine young men called me today. They wanted to exercise their Second Amendment rights and walk down Main Street. They saw what happened in Grand Rapids. They said it’s not going to happen here. We have your backs. I thanked them for letting me know they were in town and to call if they see something.”
– Chief Bakula Facebook Post

He also put up a post on the Lowell Police Department’s Facebook Page as well.

“We at the Lowell Police Department support the legally armed citizen and the Second Amendment.”
– Facebook Post on Lowell Police Department’s Page from Chief Bakula

The post got the city manager upset and said that the post was, “conduct unbecoming of a police officer.” As a result the Lowell Police Department put up a post apologizing for what Chief Bakula had written.

We have made mistakes on social media this week, starting with an ill-considered message posted on the Lowell Police Department Facebook page. We then defended this message, arguing with residents or dismissing their concerns.
On behalf of the City and the Police Department, we apologize to our community for these mistakes. At a time when residents looked to us for leadership, we failed. We must take this opportunity to listen and learn so we can work together to defeat racism and build a more just and equitable society. We can and must do better.
– Lowell Police Department Facebook Page Post

Bakula was forced into resigning for showing support of the Constitution. It seems a little ironic considering he took an oath to do just that.

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