Police Cars Being Sanitized For Free By Local California Car Detailer Who Donates His Time

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 08, 2020

In Watsonville CA a local car detailer has decided to give back to his community by sanitizing police vehicles for free.

Eddie Urbano own Urbano Detailing Coastal Auto Care, and wanted to be able to help out during the coronavirus pandemic. He decided to do what he knows best which is detailing cars.

“It started as a thought, ‘How can I help the community?’ I know a guy at the Watsonville Police Department, so I shared my idea with him, and he helped me make it happen,”
– Eddie Urbano

Over the course of two days he deep cleaned more than two dozen Watsonville police vehicles from top to bottom.

“I started by wiping down and cleaning all the hard surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, then I hit it with a steam cleaner and then with a disinfectant,”
– Eddie Urbano

The police department is grateful for Eddie’s help. With the amount of criminals in and out of police cars they tend to have a lot of germs, and it’s refreshing for an officer to get into a vehicle knowing it is clean.

“It was an honor to have the opportunity to help out the community. It just felt good helping out (and) doing something. I mean to me, it didn’t seem that big, but I saw that a lot of people appreciated it.”
– Eddie Urbano

Police officers are calling Eddie a hero

“Eddie’s no joke, he means all business. He had his Lysol spray, he was steam cleaning the cars, taking him about 30 minutes a patrol car. It was kind of cool to see him in action and see all the extra little details and extra measures that he’s taking to make sure that the cars are clean,”
– Watsonville Police Department Public Information Officer, Michelle Pulido


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