(Podcast Video) Thin Blue Line Show 02-28-20

by americaskeepersinc on February 29, 2020
Thin Blue Line Show

Former law enforcement officers Ray Dietrich & Randy Sutton break down Law Enforcement Issues of the day and go after leftist cop haters on a weekly podcast.

This weeks episode covered:

0:49 Elizabeth Warren shows her anti-police colors during a speech in Nevada.

4:38 US Court Of Appeals ruled that Trump can keep funds away from sanctuary cities & states.

7:08 Attorney General Barr speaks at IACP conference about how badly police are treated.

13:30 More examples of NY Bail reform disasters.

15:04 Boston – Officers second guessed on officer involved shooting that should be cleared.

18:05 Yet another civilian oversight committee is formed, this time in Phoenix.

20:29 Randy gives an update on The Wounded Blue –http://thewoundedblue.org

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