Patriots Suspended for Thin Blue/Red Line Flag Tribute Get The Spotlight At Trump Rally

by Zach Heilman on September 22, 2020

Two Ohio High School students who were suspended for their patriotism were brought up on stage during the President Trump Rally.
Brady Williams and Jarad Bentley were suspended after they brought a thin blue line flag and a thin red line flag to their high school football game on 9/11 to honor first responders.
While the school condemned their actions many Americans have supported their actions. The two were awarded college scholarship for their patriotism and now President Trump honored them at his Ohio Rally.
 "I want to congratulate you, you're going to become famous." - President Trump
Williams and Bentley were brought up on stage dressed in suits and their patriotic mask. 
The two were initially suspended because the school board saw the flags as a political statement, however that suspension was overturned.