PA Gov Tom Wolf Backpedals From Closing All Gun Stores During Coronavirus Pandemic

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 24, 2020

Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Tom Wolf backtracked on his initial proposal to close down gun stores in the state claiming that they are nonessential.

Gun store owners are happy to hear that they can remain open in the state of Pennsylvania during the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the state of Pennsylvania is shut down except for essential businesses. Initially gun stores were mandated to shutdown but the governor has reversed that decision and they can remain open on a limited basis.

Gun stores are allowed to remain open to only complete transactions that must be done in person such as a background check.

Gun sales have exploded across the country in response to the pandemic. Many police departments including Philadelphia have stated that people committing certain crimes will no longer be arrested.

Second Amendment activist submitted an emergency order to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court challenging the governor’s order to shutdown gun stores and it was denied. As states across the country order the shutdown of nonessential businesses it is uncertain whether gun stores are among those stores that are being ordered to shutdown.

“Stores must operate on an individual appointment basis and only during limited hours. Dealers must also comply with social distancing, sanitization of applicable area between appointments, and other mitigation measures to protect its employees and the public.”
– Updated Order for Gun Stores in PA

The Supreme Court did provide recommendation to Governor Wolf about allowing gun stores to be open because closing them was a violation of a constitutional right.

Adam Kraut the attorney for the Second Amendment Activist who petitioned the Supreme Court said that he was reviewing the updated order to see if they wanted to pursue any further legal action, but did say that they were pleased to see that gun stores were allowed to remain open even on a limited basis.

“We are happy to see that it appears the governor has taken people’s access to arms seriously and has provided a manner in which they can still obtain them during this unprecedented time,”
– Adam Kraut


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