Over 2000 NYPD Have Recovered From Coronavirus And Returned To Work

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on April 21, 2020

The New York City Police Department had over 2200 members return to the force on Sunday after being infected with the coronavirus

The NYC Police Department is one of the largest police forces in the United States and they have been hit hard with the coronavirus. The force reported a total of 4371 coronavirus cases.

At one point the NYC police had close to 20 percent of their force out sick, but that percentage has dropped now that 2200 members have returned to work.

“It’s incredible because you see all around the world—especially in this city—these officers that have been seriously ill, some of them have gone to the hospital, some of them have lost love ones. “And to have these officers back on the front line to do their jobs and to know that their healthy, that’s the most important thing.”
– NYPD Sergeant Joseph Imperatrice

The force has endured significant loss with dozens of their members having passed away from the coronavirus. This past weekend two more members died.

Sergeant Joseph Imperatrice is hoping to have a fundraiser to help the family members who have lost loved ones.

“Hopefully, going forward, when all this ends up stopping and becomes safe again, it would be great if Blue Lives Matter NYC had the opportunity of possibly throwing one big bash outside for all the families. Everyone could come and support them, and possibly raise a ton of money which would be divvied up to each family.”
– Sergeant Joseph Imperatrice


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