Oregon Judge Overrules Gov Lockdown Order, Says ‘Null and Void’

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 19, 2020

In Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s statewide coronavirus orders were tossed out by a judge saying that she didn’t have the right to extend the orders past the initial 28 day period because she did not seek legislature’s approval.

Baker County Circuit Judge Matthew Shirtcliff issued his ruling on Governor Brown’s stay at home order after 10 churches filed a lawsuit saying that the order was a violation of constitutional rights.

Within hours of the judge’s ruling Governor Brown filed paperwork to have the Oregon Supreme Court review the ruling and she also requested a hold on the judge’s ruling until it could be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Judge Matthew Shirtcliff issued a seven page opinion stating that the stay at home order posed a greater threat to the health and welfare of Oregon citizens then the coronavirus. He also pointed out that essential businesses have been allowed to remain open with proper social distancing procedures and other businesses should be given the same opportunity.

Governor Brown had extended the state of emergency until July 6 with only a handful of counties being allowed to loosen some restrictions.

Attorney Ray Hacke praised the judge’s order and that it was a huge win for the citizens of Oregon.

“Praise God. I’m excited, and I’m glad that the judge saw that there are limitations on the governor’s power, even in the midst of emergencies. If people want to get their haircut, they can. They can leave their home for any reason whether it’s deemed essential in the eye of the state or not.”
– Ray Hacke

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