OFFICER DOWN: Ogden, Utah Officer Killed In Gunfight

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 29, 2020

A police officer with the Ogden police department was shot and killed on Thursday while responding to a 911 call of a woman who feared for her life.

Nate Lyday responded to a 911 call on Thursday of a woman who was in fear for her life. When he arrived at her home he was met with bullets that were being fired through the front door.

John Benedict Coleman is the suspected shooter and he died during the incident. His wife had called 911 on Thursday afternoon in fear for her life after Coleman threatened to kill her. Officers had dragged Lyday away after he was shot and he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

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Lyday was born in raised in Ogden and became a police officer in his hometown. He had been with the Ogden police department for 15 months prior to his death.

“Officer Lyday sacrificed his life on behalf of a frightened and fearful family at the scene.”
Chief Randy Watt

“He was very prideful to be a police officer. This is a great city. He loved the citizens of this city. And he loved coming to work.”
– Lt. Brian Eynon

The Ogden police department parked Officer Lyday’s patrol car outside of the precinct and it was decorated with flowers.

Lyday’s wife spoke at a press conference about her husband.

“We will mourn for a short period. But, more importantly, we will celebrate that he lived. And we will thank the God we worship that he was one of us.”
– Lyday’s Wife

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Officer Lyday

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