NYPD: $1 Billion Budget Cut Would Set NYC Policing Back 30 Years

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 28, 2020

With budget proposals on the table to slash police funding in New York City, the police warn that a drastic budget cut could set the city back decades in regards to crime control.

As protesters have demanded that Mayor Blasio defund the police department by $1 billion, the NYPD is faced with the possibility of having to reduce its ranks.

As crime continues to rise in NYC compared to the same time last year, the proposed budget cuts to the police department could raise those numbers even more. Any drastic budget cut would reduce the crime control in the city.

“The negative impact of a cut of this magnitude would be felt in every neighborhood citywide. A $1 billion cut to the NYPD’s operating budget would set the city back three decades and severely compromise the significant progress the NYPD has made in keeping crime at historic lows and New Yorkers safe.”
– Confidential Memo

Despite rumors of a $1 billion budget cut, Mayor DeBlasio says that it will not be that drastic. Regardless of what the number is the NYPD will feel the impact of the budget cuts and so will those who live in New York City.

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