NYC Health Commissioner Back Peddles On Anti-Police Comments

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 19, 2020

Dr. Oxiris Barbot the New York City health commissioner apologized on Monday for making a statement that she didn’t give “two rats asses” about the officers of the NYPD.

In Mid March Barbot had refused to assist the NYPD with obtaining personal protective equipment saying that she didn’t give “two rats asses” about the officers. Yesterday she apologized for insinuating that she didn’t care about the officers.

“The members of the NYPD fight valiantly every day to keep New Yorkers safe. In mid-March, I was asked to provide the NYPD with a half million N-95 masks, while masks and other PPE were in terribly short supply. I wished we had sufficient numbers to meet their full request and were ultimately able to partially fulfill what was sought.”
“This regrettably led to an argument in which words were exchanged between a police official and myself. I apologized to that police official then and today, I apologize to the NYPD for leaving any impression whatsoever that I don’t have utmost respect for our police department, which plays a critical role on the frontlines each and every day to keep our city safe.”
– Dr. Oxiris Barbot

Ever since Babot made the statement about not providing PPE to the New York Police Department she has been under scrutiny and many have called for her resignation.

The New York Police Department had requested the equipment because many of their officers were getting infected by the coronavirus. Ultimately other government agencies stepped in to assist them.

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