NY Detective Shot Multiple Times At Drive By Shooting Crime Scene When Suspect Returns

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 27, 2020

Officers in Tonawanda New York were shot at multiple times while they were actively investigating a crime scene of a drive by shooting.

While officers were investigating a crime scene the suspect came back to the scene of the crime and opened fire on the officers. A detective at the scene was shot multiple times.

Early in the afternoon on May 26, Tonawanda police received a report about a drive by shooting near the 200 block of Morgan St. When they arrived on the scene they found a man who had been shot. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital.

While law enforcement was investigating the scene a gunman opened fire on all of the officers and a detective was shot multiple times.

Police believe that the shooter was the same one who shot the first victim.

“It happened so fast. But we didn’t think our shooter would slowly backtrack to the scene of the crime. But we saw a shadow and we knew something was up, so we went to confront him and that’s what happened.”
“It was multiple. Bang bang bang. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Just like you see on TV. Continuous popping. He came down the stairs guns blazing.”
– Tonawanda Police Captain Fredric Foels

The gunman fled the scene in a vehicle but two police officers were able to stop him a few blocks away and took him into custody.

The detective who was shot was transported to a nearby hospital where he is currently being treated. The name of the detective and his condition has not been released.

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