NFL Launches Social Justice Warrior Ad Campaign in time for the playoffs and Super Bowl

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on January 25, 2020

In an effort to bring awareness to the NFL’s Social Justice Campaign, Players Coalition co-founder Anquan Boldin, shared his account of a personal tragedy. His story aired on NFL’s Inspire Change platform during Sunday’s conference championship games.

“The best way to inspire change is to be it.” – Boldin

His story will run through Super Bowl Sunday and is what inspired him to start his social justice work. Boldin’s cousin Corey Jones, 31,was shot to death at the hands of a plainclothes police officer after his car had broken down on Interstate 95 in Florida.


The officer who shot Jones was found guilty of armed manslaughter and attempted first degree murder last year by a jury in West Palm Beach.

In this particular cop shooting the justice system held its own accountable. The plain clothes police officer made many mistakes and now he is paying for it, because the system worked. Maybe the NFL needs to keep in mind the multitude of current and former NFL players who have committed a stack of social injustices as well…

“There are just some things that are bigger than football and I felt like starting the Players Coalition and affecting change in this country was one of those things.” – Boldin

All 32 teams in the NFL along with the Player Coalition started the social justice work, which promotes education and economic development, criminal justice reform and community and police relations.

After the 2017 demonstration by NFL players during the national anthem the league created a working relationship between themselves and the players called:

“The NFL is fortunate to have an incredible platform and with this platform, we have the opportunity to help create positive change and work toward social justice for all of our communities. We’re amplifying and supporting the work that players have started — this is what Inspire Change exists to do.”

Police veterans Ray Dietrich and Randy Sutton recently discussed this topic on the Thin Blue Line Show:

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