New Study Claims Black Lives Matter Riots Slowed The Spread Of COVID 19

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on July 02, 2020

Researchers are trying to claim that Black Lives Matter Protest have helped to slow the spread of the coronavirus despite the fact that we are being told that gathering in large groups is detrimental to slowing the spread.

The National Bureau of Economic Research published (before it was peer reviewed) this so-called ‘study’ authored by Dhaval M. Dave, Andrew I. Friedson, Kyutaro Matsuzawa, Joseph J. Sabia and Samuel Safford.

For months we have been told to stay home and that gatherings of more than a few people are not allowed. Businesses have been told to remain closed and when they have been allowed to open they must adhere to social distancing.

However researchers are claiming that the protests helped slow the spread of the virus because more people stayed home to avoid the protest.

Now government leaders are saying everyone needs to practice social distancing unless you are a Black Lives Matter protester because the coronavirus seems to not infect protesters.

Many Americans are starting to question why we have been told to stay home, but apparently protesters don’t have to adhere to those guidelines.

It seems there are a different set of rules depending on why you are choosing to defy Governors’ Unconstitutional Orders.

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