“New Normal” CV19 Retail Rules Enraging Some Customers Who Turn Violent

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 24, 2020

Essential workers are literally feeling customers frustrations over the coronavirus pandemic as some customers have resorted to physical violence.

Samantha Clark never imagined that by simply doing her job she might have to deal with physical violence. Earlier in May she was punched in the face by an angry customer at her job at Big 5 Sporting Goods.

The customer became enraged when the store didn’t hold an item she requested. The store policy is they will hold an item for 30 minutes and if it is not picked up it goes back on the shelf. The customer started throwing things and a metal object hit Clark in the face.

“We didn’t have what they wanted and she lost her temper and she hit me in the face,”
“It was so fast, I couldn’t even put my hands up. I had no idea she was going to hit me, like, didn’t see it coming.”
– Samantha Clark

The suspect who hit Clark left the store and police are still in the process of trying to find her.

Just days prior to being assaulted at work she had put up a Facebook post about the struggles she was facing at work from angry customers.

“My business has been deemed essential. So myself and my employees put ourselves at risk every day so that people can shop for their needs. Well, the public, not all, but too many, hate the guidelines put in place that allow us to do business and keep our jobs. Multiple times a day I get cussed out or argued with.”
– Samantha Clark

Across the country there have been multiple stories of angry customers assaulting workers with some even shooting at store employees who are just trying to do their job.

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