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New Mexico Small Town Mayor Stands Up For Citizens Constitutional Rights, Defies Dem Governor’s Lockdown Orders

A mayor of a small town in New Mexico is standing up for the rights of his citizens by defying the state’s stay at home order and allowing businesses to open up as long as they comply with guidelines set forth by the CDC

Mayor Martin Hicks of Grants New Mexico is going against the state’s stay at home order and stated businesses could reopen on Monday.

His decision was made after citizens in rural areas of New Mexico put pressure on state and local leaders to allow the state to start reopening. The decision was also made to help those who are enduring financial hardship due to the economy being closed

“On Monday … we are reopening Grants. Yes we are, we are going to follow the CDC guidelines. We are going to do the social distancing, but we will be open for business even though that is against the governor’s executive order.”
– Mayor Hicks

The town of Grants has been struggling under the shut down order and the move was made to try and help businesses stay up and running.

While Grants police officers will not be enforcing the state order for businesses to remain close, the Mayor did say that there might be a standoff between local and state police.

“There will be a confrontation down here. I guarantee you there. I’ve ordered the police to stop any State Police officer who comes into the town and tries to shut them down,” 
“I am prepared to take whatever she wants to give me because she is already killing us anyway. What she going to do she hasn’t already done to us? She has taken all of our jobs. What she going to do, come put me in jail?”
– Mayor Hicks

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said that Mayor Hicks’ plan doesn’t make sense and state police would enforce the statewide order if they needed to.

“This notion that you don’t have to comply is wrong. That you can just open up businesses and not worry about public health issues is really quite frankly tantamount to opening up a public pool and having a pee section,” 
– Governor Grisham

It’s refreshing to see a local leader stand up for the rights of his town to protect the well-being of his citizens


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