New Bill Aims to Allow Gun Permit Holders To Sue Gun Free Zones

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on February 19, 2020

Minnesota HB 3051 would allow lawfully permitted gun carriers, if harmed or suffer losses as the result of an incident that could have been prevented if they hadn’t been banned from legally carrying, to sue businesses/property owners

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In Minnesota owners of private establishments that are open to the public are allowed to put up signs banning guns in their establishment even if an individual has a permit to carry. Such establishments include churches, businesses, private colleges and non profits.

In order to ban guns from their establishment they simply need to put up a sign or verbally communicate to patrons that guns are not welcome there.

State Representative Jeremy Munson of the new house Republican Caucus has proposed a bill that would allow individuals to file a civil suit against property owners who ban guns if an incident occurs in their establishment that could have been prevented were individuals permitted to carry.

The Bill states, property owners “shall assume absolute custodial responsibility for the safety and defense of the unarmed person” Essentially if businesses are banning firearms they need to be prepared to defend their patrons and ensure their safety.

Of course if you’re injured at an establishment that bans firearms you need to be prepared to defend yourself in court as to how carrying a firearm could have prevented the incident

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