National Guard Called to New Rochelle NY As Coronavirus Concerns Rise

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on March 10, 2020

As Coronavirus cases continue to spread in New York, Governor Cuomo has created a quarantine area in New Rochelle which is just north of New York City.

New Rochelle which is located in Westchester County has become the epicenter of the state’s outbreak. Of the 173 cases in New York, 108 of those cases have come from Westchester County.

The containment area is a one mile radius centered around a synagogue. It is believed that a majority of the cases originated from the synagogue or people who had been in contact with someone who had been to the synagogue.


Governor Cuomo has called on the National Guard to assist with the containment area. They would assist with cleaning of public areas and bring food or supplies to individuals who are quarantined.

Beginning on Thursday, March 12 schools, places of worship and large gathering spaces will be closed for a period of two weeks. Businesses such as grocery stores and delis will remain open.

“It is a dramatic action, but it is the largest cluster in the country, and this is literally a matter of life and death.”
“New Rochelle is a particular problem. The numbers have been going up, the numbers continue to go up, the numbers are going up unabated — and we do need a special public health strategy for New Rochelle.”
– Governor Cuomo

The mayor of New Rochelle at a news conference reassured the people that the National Guard would be there in a limited scope and would not be acting in a police or military capacity.

There will also be a Coronavirus testing facility within the containment zone.

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