Mnuchin: Turn Down Return To Work Offer? No Unemployment Money For You!

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on May 19, 2020

On Tuesday Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that anyone who is currently receiving unemployment benefits due to being laid off from the coronavirus, will no longer be eligible for benefits if they reject an offer from their company to return to work.

As a result of the coronavirus millions of people have been laid off and have turned to unemployment during the crisis. Many employees are receiving more money through unemployment due to the CARES Act passed by Congress back in March.

Under the act $250 billion was allocated for unemployment benefits which included extending the unemployment period from 26 weeks to 39 weeks and offering an additional $600/week to individuals who were collecting unemployment for up to four months.

Under the provisions of the CARES Act many Americans are collecting more money through unemployment then if they had been working. The average person collecting unemployment is making 134% of what they were earning and 20% of people who are currently receiving unemployment benefits are making double what they would earn if they were working.

While the provisions have helped many throughout the crisis who lost their jobs for some there is little incentive to return to work.

Companies who are receiving assistance through the Payroll Protection Program will be required to notify state unemployment offices of offers that have been given for employees to return to work. Any employee who refuses the offer would be ineligible for unemployment.

The program was designed to offer additional support to employees who were forced out of a job due to the crisis. It was not meant to continue when work became available again. Unfortunately when people get a handout some will take advantage and become dependent on the system.

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