Mississippi Mayor In Tears Over Removal Of State Flag

by AmericasKeepersAdmin on June 26, 2020

Mayor Johnny Magee in Laurel Mississippi held back tears as he signed an executive order to have the state flag removed from Laurel City Hall and other properties throughout the city.

As protesters demand the removal of statues and flags that have symbols representing white supremacy Mayor Magee in Laurel Mississippi has ordered the flag be taken down from city properties.

“there comes a point in time in the annals of history when it becomes necessary to re-define who we are and what a collection of people represent” and the state’s flag — which includes the Confederate battle flag — “should be a unifying image of our ideals and values”.
– Mayor Johnny Magee

As Mayor Magee signed the executive order he was very emotional.

“I don’t apologize for being emotional, I have lived through some things with this flag and as they told Martin Luther King Jr to wait. Time for waiting is over.”
– Mayor Magee

The state legislature will be voting on whether or not to remove the flag and replace it with a different design.

In Gulfport Mississippi they have also decided to remove the flag and Walmart will no longer display the flag outside of it’s stores.

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